Monday, January 12, 2015

The Waiting is the Hardest Part, or, how 'George RR Martin's UK editor trolled the internet (again)

So the Internets are in meltdown about George RR Martin's UK editor, Jane Johnston's tweet that the Great Bearded Glacier's long awaited new book isn't on the publication schedule for 2015.
This is not news.
Martin has stated about 4,612,204 times that the relase date of 'The Winds of Winter' will appear on his website, before anywhere else. As soon as the book is done, he will announce it.
Until the book is done, it can't be put into the publication schedule.
Now, from past history, 'A Dance of Dragons' was announced as done in March of 2011, and was published in July of the same year. So the headlines of 'will not come out in 2015' are lies. The truth is, just like yesterday, the book isn't done yet, and George continues to write on it. As soon as it is done, a publication date will be announced, about 3 months after completion date.
So calm the fuck down, and lets get back to waiting for winter to come, and in the meantime, let's talk about a few books that have taken even longer than GRRM is taking for 'Winds of Winter' to arrive. Including a few we're also still waiting for. Obviously I'm not adding Rothfuss to this list, as he's already said that 'Doors of Stone' will likely drop in 2016.

                                             (Whoever came up with this meme gets it.)

Stephen King's Dark Tower books:
Six years after 'The Drawing of the Three', stephen King released book three, 'The Waste Lands'  in 1991, and another six years later for 'Wizard and Glass' in 1997, and then another six years for book five, 'Wolves of the Calla' in 2003.
EIGHT years after 2004's 'The Dark Tower' he released the intermediate 'The Wind Through the Keyhole' in 2012.

Claudia J Edwards Bastard Princess series:
In 1998, Claudia Edwards released 'Eldrie the Healer', the first volume of a series about the princess Eldrie who gave up her royal heritage for magical power. Book two was never released, though the specifics of why have never been made clear if this was a publishers decision, or if the author never delivered the book. In 2010 Claudia passed away, so we will likely never see the series finished as the author intended.

Daniel Keys Moran's 'The AI War':
In 1993 Dan Moran released the third volume of his projected 44 volume 'Tales of the Continuing Time' space opera/cyberpunk/thriller/heist series.
And then dissappeared from novel writing for 18 years, until, in 2011 he released the first part of AI War as an ebook called 'The Big Boost'.

Robert Jordan's 'The Gathering Storm':
In 2007 James O. Rigney Jr, better known to his millions of fans as Robert Jordan died with the final arc of his bestselling series left unfinished. He had released the previous volume, 'Knife of Dreams' in 2005, before his diagnosis with cardiac amyloidosis. After his death, Brandon Sanderson was selected to finish the series, and the first volume to be cowritten by Sanderson was not released until 2009.

David Gerrold's 'War Against the Cthorr':
In 1992, Gerrold released 'A Season for Slaughter', and he didn't release the next volume until 2011. Less than 4 years later, his fans are already complaining that the next volume will never come out. I laugh in there general direction.

Melanie Rawn's 'The Captal's Tower':
In 1994, at the height of her popularity, Melanie Rawn released 'The Ruin's of Ambrai' the first of a brand new series in a brand new world and series called 'The Exiles'. If you were a fantasy fan in 1994 you were probably reading Melanie Rawn, because she was a superstar. In 1997, she released the second book. And then, we waited.
And now, EIGHTEEN FUCKING YEARS later, we are still waiting.
This is not an accusation about Rawn, her personal life got very busy, and her writing career got completely stopped. It's only been in the last few years that she has started writing again, and I completely agree with her decision to not jump back into 'The Captal's Tower', which is going to require a writer at the top of her form to land, not someone who's writing skills are a little rusty.
I look forward to her finally delivering the final Exiles book, as she has reassured her fans that she will, and I have no doubts that it will be worth the wait.

What book are you waiting for, and how long have you been waiting?


  1. I'm waiting for Darkness Within by Kinley MacGregor (AKA Sherrilyn Kenyon). It's book 3 in the Lords of Avalon series. Book 2 came out in 2006 and the publisher refuses to announce a release date for Darkness. The manuscript was turned in about a decade ago and no one, not even Sherrilyn, knows why it's been in limbo for so long.

    1. I think the Illuminati is likely involved in that one. She accidently discovered one of their secrets.

  2. I'm waiting for "Oh Hell, or It's Even Messiah Than I Thought," the sequel to the New Testament fantasy series. Been waiting for it for what seems like a couple of decades or so short of two millennia. I feel double-crossed by the delay.

    You say: "If you were a fantasy fan in 1994 you were probably reading Melanie Rawn, because she was a superstar." Hey, I was a fantasy fan in 1994, and I wasn't reading Melanie Rawn. The only superstar with the name Melanie that I was a fantasy fan of back then, was Melanie Safka. She was quite my fantasy.

    1. I bet she was with those dark and haunted eyes.

  3. I have been waiting since I was a child for Isobel Carmody to finish her Obernewtyn series, which began in 1987. She continues to write other books, while leaving Obernewtyn with ONE BOOK LEFT. This bitch is a serious sadist.

    1. I think I heard that was a publisher decision wasn't it?

  4. Just wondering if you could point me in the direction where you found Rothfuss's next book likely publishing in 2016?

    1. Travis, when he was in Portland this last fall, he said he had at least a year of revising left on it. Even if only a year, and allowing a fast turnaround, 'Doors of Stone' would still come out in early 2016. I should probably have written that part of my post a little differently for clarity.

    2. And he also said he didn't think it would come out in 2015, or 2017. Which pointed pretty clearly to 2016.