Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cover Obsession: 'The Rig' by Joe Ducie

I want to start out with that I know Joe Ducie, in that man's man, man about town way of knowing someone of who lives as far away from Portland, Or as it's actually possible to get on planet Earth. But I first read his fourth novel in 2012 when it first came out in his native Australia, because he is both a gentleman, and easy to bribe.
He recently shared on his Facebook the US cover, which is finally coming out in October of 2015, and oh my god, LOVE! I really like the original Australian cover, it's great, and really catches the eye.But this US cover is just WOW, and really nails the book.  I can't wait to share more with you about this book in the coming months, because I enjoy the book a great deal.

                                                    (Below is the original Australian cover.)

       Fifteen-year-old Will Drake has made a career of breaking out from high-security prisons. His talents have landed him at The Rig, a specialist juvenile holding facility in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. No  one can escape from The Rig. No one except for Drake…

       After making some escape plans and meeting the first real friends of his life, Drake quickly realizes that all is not as it seems on The Rig. The Warden is obsessed with the mysterious Crystal-X – a blue, glowing substance that appears to give superpowers to the teens exposed to it. Drake, Tristan and Irene are banking on a bid for freedom – but can they survive long enough to make it?

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