Sunday, December 21, 2014

Upcoming Releases for First Quarter 2015

         It's the solstice, the death of the old year, and though 2015 won't officially start for another week or so, I thought I'd post of sneak peak of what 2015 holds in new releases.
        2015 looks to be another banner year for genre fiction, with a Malazan book from Steven Erikson, at least two Kate Elliott books (and very likely three), including a 'Best Of' her short fiction, a new Fitz and the Fool book from Robin Hobb, and TWO new Joe Abercrombie books. Rumors also abound of a new 'Song of Ice and Fire' novel (aren't there always?), and at least three Sanderson books due.
          With all that in mind, here is a look forward to the first quarter of 2015, and the releases I'm most looking forward to!

January 2015

Aaronovitch, Ben • Foxglove Summer  01/06
Hines, Jim • Unbound 01/08
Sanderson, Brandon • Firefight 01/08
Walton, Jo • The Just City 01/08
Brown, Pierce • Golden Son 01/13
Stavely, Brian • The Providence of Fire 01/13
Van Eekhout, Greg • Pacific Fire 01/27
Priest, Cherie • Jacaranda 01/31

Other January releases:
Adams, Guy • For a Few Souls More
Asher, Neal • Dark Intelligence
Black, Holly • The Darkest Part of the Forest
Chu, Wesley • The Rebirths of Tao
Lord, Karen • The Galaxy Game
Meynard, Yves • Angels & Exiles
Tem, Melanie • The Yellow Wood

February 2015

Abercrombie, Joe • Half the World 02/03
Gaiman, Neil • Trigger Warning   02/03
Bear, Elizabeth • Karen Memory                       02/03
Elliott, Kate • The Very Best of Kate Elliott 02/10
McClellan, Brian • The Autumn Republic            02/10
Elliott, Kate • The Very Best of Kate Elliott         02/10
Schwab, VE • A Darker Shade of Magic               02/24

Other Feruary releases:
Adams, John Joseph, ed. • Wastelands II
Asher, Neal • Dark Intelligence
Barnes, Jonathan • Cannonbridge
Cole, Myke • Gemini Cell
Elliott, Will • Shadow
Enge, James • The Wide World's End
Fox, Andrew • Hunt the Fat White Vampire
Joshi, S. T., ed. • Black Wings IV
Lethem, Jonathan • Lucky Alan and Other Stories
Link, Kelly • Get in Trouble
McAuley, Paul • Something Coming Through
Park, Paul • Other Stories
VanderMeer, Ann, & Jeff VanderMeer, eds. • Sisters of the Revolution
Witcover, Paul • The Eternity of Love

March 2015

Bishop, Anne • Vision in Silver 03/03
Martin, George R. R., & Gardner Dozois, eds. • Old Venus  03/03
Valente, Catherynne • The Boy Who Lost Fairyland     03/03
Tregillis, Ian • The Mechanical  03/10
Valentine, Genevieve • Persona             03/10
Carriger, Gail • Prudence 03/17
Dewey, Ben • The Tragedy Series 03/17
Brennan, Marie • Voyage of the Basilisk 03/31
Brett, Peter V. • The Skull Throne 03/31
Gregory, Daryl • Harrison Squared         03/24

Other March releases:
Birmingham, John • Dave vs. the Monsters
Briggs, Patricia • Dead Heat
Buchanan, Col • The Black Dream
Cooper, Brenda • Edge of Dark
Daniells, Rowena Cory • Fall of the Fair Isle
Datlow, Ellen, ed. • The Doll Collection
Fowler, Christopher • Bryant & May: The Burning Man
Gwynne, John • Ruin
Haig, Matt • The Echo Boy
Kinsella, W. P. • The Very Best of W. P. Kinsella
Lloyd, Tom • Old Man's Ghosts
Lovegrove, James • World of Water
McGuire, Seanan • Pocket Apocalypse 
Modesitt, L. E., Jr. • Madness in Solidar
Robson, Justina • The Glorious Angels
Simmons, Dan • The Fifth Heart
Tem, Steve Rasnic • In the Lovecraft Museum
Wendig, Chuck • Hellsbound Bride
Williamson, Chet • The Night Listeners
Wilson, Robert Charles • The Affinities

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