Thursday, April 9, 2015

2016, Looking Forward with my Magic 8Ball

This morning I went to update the fall release list I keep on a running document, and I added the fifth Tiffany Aching book 'The Sheperd's Crown' to the list, but more, it's the final Terry Pratchett book who's release I will ever add to my list. And once again I was struck by the hole Pratchett's death a month ago has left in my reading life.
To quote another author who's death left a hole in my life, 'and so it goes.'

I've also been looking forward, to 2016, which is starting to shape up into a banner year, with new books by several of my favorite writers already announced, and strong expectation of releases by several others. How crazy is it that I am already looking forward to books in 2016?
Please note, the books listed as speculative releases indicate that NO RELEASE INFORMATION HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED, and though I am confident to one degree or another that we will see these books in 2016. This included 'The Winds of Winter' which I expect may actually drop in late 2015, though early 2016 is more likely (my Magic 8Ball is unclear) as well as 'The Doors of Stone' which I am very confident of in 2016.
Most of these books don't have a firm release date, but where I have one, I've included it. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

Confirmed Releases:

Bosworth, Jennifer • The Killing Jar 01/12
Sanderson, Brandon • Calamity          01/21
Bennett, Robert Jackson • City of Blades 01/26
Sanderson, Brandon • Bands of Mourning 01/??

Abercrombie, Joe • Untitles First Law  Story Collection        2016
Bear, Elizabeth • Ancestral Night          2016
Brown, Pierce • Morning Star          2016
Butcher, Jim • Brief Cases          2016
Crowley, John • Ka                     2016
Durham, David Anthony • Untitled Spatacus Novel
Hearn, Kevin • Staked          2016
Hurley, Kameron • The Stars Are Legion  2016
Kay, Guy Gavriel • Children of Earth and Sky Spring
Kowal, Mary Robinette • Ghosttalkers          2016
McGuire, Seanan • Once Broken Faith          2016
Lawrence, Mark • The Red Queens War

Speculative Releases:

Scholes, Ken • Hymn
Hobb, Robin • Assassin's Fate
Smylie, Mark • Bright Sword
Walton, Jo • Necessity
Williams, Tad • The Witchwood Crown
Martin, George RR • The Winds of Winter
Rothfuss, Patrick •  The Doors of Stone

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  1. "Owl and the City of Angels" • Kristi Charish [Jan 12]
    "Daughter of Blood" (The Wall of Night Book 3) • Helen Lowe [Jan]
    "Blood and Fire" • James Barclay [Feb 17]
    "Chains of the Heretic" • Jeff Salyards [Feb]
    "The Immortals" • Jordanna Max Brodsky [Feb]